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Quality Quartz: Stone Remains Great Choice for Countertops

Quartz has long been a popular choice for countertops in the kitchen, living room, and elsewhere thanks to its durability, versatility, and competitive price, but it’s worth a reminder for homeowners about why this natural stone is worthy of consideration for making countertops.

It’s a material found around the world, and its abundance means that the cost of using the material for home design projects remains low. In order to produce quartz crystals into material that can be used for countertops, the crystals are mixed with resins and coloring to resemble natural stone. This means quartz can be made into a large range of shapes, sizes, colors and hues.

Quartz is ideal for kitchens because the room sees a lot of traffic and it’s a location prone to a lot of spills, scratches, and other accidents from cooking. Thankfully, quartz is an incredibly strong material and is highly resistant to staining or scratching.

Not only is the material resilient against damage, it’s also very easy to clean with soap and water. Some other types of stone that homeowners might use for countertops – such as marble or granite – can require greater upkeep, but quartz doesn’t need sealing and is simple to maintain.

That simplicity of use also extends to installation of quartz countertops. The fact that quartz is produced in a factory by machines means that it is practically free of any flaws that might be found in natural stone, just another of the many benefits of this material.

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The same production process also means designers are guaranteed to get exactly the look they want, whether it’s a solid color or a design with flecks and other colors mixed in. So, whatever the scope of the countertop project, quartz can be made to meet it perfectly.

Yet another benefit of quartz is its low price, which is possible because the material is found all over the world. This abundance means that it’s easy to find quartz to produce for countertops, making the overall cost much lower than other natural stones, like marble or granite.

The versatility of quartz means that it can be used to create a whole host of interesting looks, including contrasting colors. For example, many people like an all-white kitchen to promote an image of cleanliness. Here’s where a simple all-white countertop can work, with a little bit of individuality thanks to light gray veins made to resemble natural stone marking.

Or use a darker countertop color like gray, which can contrast well with a large range of kitchen appliances and cabinets, whether they’re made from steel, wood, or some other material. Gray quartz also works well as a backsplash material, and it can make for an interesting visual when paired with all-white fixtures and fittings.

For a truly elegant look, consider using quartz that has been designed to resemble marble, which will give a kitchen the wow factor of looking like a marble room but without the high cost.

With a competitive price, incredible durability and resiliency, and flexible design options, it should now be clear why quartz remains a compelling choice for home countertops.

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